Mr Hover Craft is your go-to guy for Air-Cushioned Vehicles that glide over land and water.

Mr Hover Craft is your go-to guy for Air-Cushioned Vehicles that glide over land and water.

Live life over the edge, flying the world’s only hovercraft with front brakes. If you are a weekend warrior, or a life-long adventurer, we have the perfect hovercraft for you.

Eco-Tourism and Hover Travel

Travellers are increasingly looking to add venturing off the beaten track, in a sustainable manner, to their bucket list. Our exquisite hovercraft will unlock the Gates to new frontiers, for you and your guests. Safely explore Southern Africa’s wild rivers and marshes, or the Isles of Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion – or go beyond the shores of your dreams.

Regarded as the most environmentally sensitive vehicles on Earth, our hovercraft won’t disturb wading birds or erode vulnerable river banks through the generation of wake. Footprint? What footprint? Our King Fisher hovercraft is the perfect companion to get up close and personal, leaving no trace of your presence behind.

Custom-builds : Expand your horizons

Our ACVs have design pedigree and engine technologies that span over 55 years. If you’re looking to personalise your hovercraft, then our flagship – EXP-24 Fish Eagle, is your ultimate exploration vehicle. From a nomadic adventure ‘camper’ with custom finishes to a hovercraft for cargo deliveries of up to 1000kg total payload ( incl. crew, fuel) or even a fully kitted EMT Ambulance, the EXP24-Fish Eagle, is the only real choice for the serious hovercraft enthusiast. 

Access the inaccessible: A hovercraft is the only vehicle able to navigate rapids or waters filled with debris. Hour for hour, a hovercraft can significantly reduce the costs associated with search and rescue operations. Quickly deployable, and with running costs of below *$90-00 per hour, – Including Fuel, 2 x Crew ( pilot +1) and 12 000 hour replacements costs, The EXP-24 Fish Eagle is the absolute choice for your rescue hovercraft needs.
(*Average – prices may vary from region to region). 

Air-Cushioned Clinics and Medical Rescue Hovercraft

Inhospitable locations need swift and reliable transportation during medical emergencies. Hovercraft Ambulances and Rescue craft can seamlessly manoeuvre between land, sea, ice, mud, flooded areas and remote disaster zones.



Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Hovercraft believes the Fish Eagle and King Fisher, to be the most environmentally-friendly ACVs, of all hovercraft on the market currently. They are the most cost-efficient to operate and maintain in their respective payload classes. We offer high-quality, high-efficiency, together with ease of use, creating win-win-win scenarios for our clients

Hovercraft are environmentally-friendly and frictionless, travelling on a cushion of air. The Fish Eagle and King Fisher won’t disturb or damage the tranquil life of underwater creatures or the natural landscapes it encounters on its journey. 
Since water is about 1000 times denser than air, a hovercraft has 1000 times less resistance along its hull compared to other boats. Besides their fuel-efficient, and low horsepower engines, the Fish Eagle and King Fisher have large diameter propellers which reduce noise levels far below standard hovercraft. These attributes translate into a more cost-effective and enjoyable flying experience, offering a quieter ride and less propeller noise for passengers and bystanders.

All Explorer 24 – Fish Eagle ACVs come with a brand new STEYR 144hp, inter-cooled, turbo-diesel marine power plant. It reaches 75km/h on calm waters and has a 51.5km/h cruising speed. Known for its reliability and durability, the STEYR 144 is used in lifeboats around the world and is one of the best marine engines that money can buy. The Fish Eagle is also well-suited to rescue stranded hovercraft. The STEYR 144 motor won’t even break a sweat powering your Fish Eagle ACV, and if treated like the Lady she is, you should get *12000 hours of power out of her, hassle-free. 
 (*Assuming all maintenance takes place at correct service cycles, and Petrol is not poured in the Diesel tank!)

  • For rural and generally inaccessible communities, Hovercraft can offer fast, micro haulage of cargo and people, up and down rivers littered with sand bars or shallow waters, rapids, and rocks. 
  • A streamlined low-flying infrastructure enables the rapid micro-economic recycling of goods and money, which is always better for local economies that are stifled by distance and lack of essential resources. 
  • Hovercraft Ambulances and Clinics are essential for countries with large river systems and little marine infrastructure. Since requiring no jetties, hovercraft are free to roam and beach, where no outboard has dared to roam before!
  • Hovercrafts serve as the perfect bridge between tribal communities in sensitive ecological areas and access to those areas by tourists. Air-cushioned vehicles leave no tracks, no wake, no compaction, and at a fraction of the price of a helicopter. You can fly, no worries!

A valid Skippers ticket for inland water and coastal waters is required to fly a hovercraft, together with hovercraft training.
Mr Hovercraft can also steer you in the right direction regarding Maritime Insurance, and for commercial surveying done through S.A.M.S.A.

Adventure beyond the beaten track.