5 seater ACV specs:

Payload: 5 Adults or 500 kg payload, includes people, fuel and gear. 
Dimensions: 4.9m X 2.3m cushion, 9.6m2. 
•Length over all: 4.9m 
•Cockpit space 254cm x 132cm. 
•Height: 2.1m off cushion. 
•Cushion depth or hard clearance: 28.6cm. 
Engine: Kohler ECV-980 37 hp (27.6kw) EFI, 4-stroke, V-twin, aluminium block, gasoline engine. 61 cubic inch (999cc) displacement. 
Empty Weight: 270 kg. 
Speed: 65 km/h maximum on water in flat calm conditions, 48 km/h cruise. 
Fuel Use: 6 litres / hour at cruise 
Hull: Composite laminate, moulded, epoxy vinyl ester resin, with glass fibre reinforcement and lightweight cores. The craft comprises a hull, deck, and seven bulkheads all permanently bonded together. Three sealed compartments, front and rear, provide 680kg of flotation. No wood used in the construction of the craft. 
Drive System: The simple and reliable drive system uses a vertical shaft motor to drive the lift fan directly and the propeller via a single carbon fibre belt. 
Thrust Propeller: 76” (193cm), three-bladed carbon fibre adjustable pitch propeller. 
Lift fan: A 61cm, 9-bladed adjustable pitch nylon fan. 
Skirt System: Multi-compartment skirt with front and inner divider curtains. Large diameter bag type skirt on sides and rear. 
Skirt Material: 35/23 oz/yd dual weight urethane commercial duty. Nylon reinforced. Approx. 1,500 to 2,000 hour life. 
Brakes: The brakes, controlled by the operator, reduce the pressure of the forward compartment allowing for smooth slowing, stopping and turning. A feature not found on any other hovercraft! 
Noise Levels: 82 dBA measured at 25m over grass, full power. 78 dBA measured at 25m over grass, cruise setting. The large diameter propeller reduces noise far below common hovercraft by making efficient use of power. 
Base price includes:
•1 x Surveyor 16 King Fisher – 5 pax – Hovercraft
•1 x Standard bunk trailer
•Training: (15 hours mandatory) 

•Warranty: 24 months or 1000 hours.

Optional extras:
•Trailer: Fly On/Off trailer 
•All Carbon Fibre Composite Body, increase lift by 10%
Salt Water Options: 
•Full engine painting and Stainless steel Exhaust
•Carbon fibre Windshield with glass windows and dual wiper/wash system
•FULL Enclosure, including Carbon fibre Windshield
and dual wiper/wash system.  
•Extra Long Life Urethane wear skirt film (recommended)  
•Stainless muffler/heat exchanger w/dash vents, and dash control.  
•Night Time LED driving lights

Keeping you afloat

Mr Hovercraft’s Service Package can include a tailor-made hovercraft maintenance plan, and a craft recovery and repair service so you can hover without any drag. The cost of this package will vary greatly depending on the location of the craft. So if you are stuck somewhere, far away – in the middle of that unexplored river, hundreds of km from a road, then recovery costs could be quite hefty. Comprehensive Marine insurance is available for your hovercraft and your – hefty exploration needs.