12 seater ACV specs:

Dimensions: 6.7m x 3.4m cushion, 18.9m2. Length overall: 7.9m. Cockpit space: 388cm x 193cm. Height 2.59m off cushion. Cushion depth or hard clearance 41.9cm. 
•Speed: 75km/hour in flat, calm conditions, 51.5km/hour cruising speed
•Seating room for 12 passengers or 1000kg payload including people, fuel and gear
•144 Horsepower STEYR diesel-powered engine: 4 cylinders, 2.1L, turbocharged, inter-cooled 
•Fuel use: 12.8 litres per hour at cruise
•Brakes controlled by the operator by reducing pressure on the two front compartments
Stainless steel propeller guard, engine stand, and stainless-steel fasteners ensure it is saltwater capable
Max wave safe height: 1.2m
•Durable hull: Resin-infused composite laminate of structural marine foam, glass fibre, carbon reinforcement and epoxy vinyl ester resin. Three sealed compartments, front and rear, provide 2270kg of floatation.
•Multi-compartment skirt system and flexible urethane-coated skirt fabrics enable dynamic movement and steering.
•Thrust propeller: 213cm, three-bladed adjustable pitch composite propeller 
•Lift fan: 86 cm 12 bladed pitch nylon fan
•Urethane/carbon fibre belts drive lift fan and propeller with hard-anodised aluminium pulleys
Operating range of over 500km
Over 16 years proven track record including journeys that exceeded 2500km
Craft automatically folds down to 2.6m (wide), for trailer towing.
Manufacturer’s warranty for 1000 hours or two years, whichever comes first
•Noise levels: 83 dBA measured at 25m over grass, full power
•Terms and Conditions apply

Base price includes:
1x Hovercraft: ( FOB – Seattle) 

1x Trailer: Galvanised ground deployment trailer 
1 x First 600 hour Service cycle and Spare Parts and Pilot Training:
•600hr fuel filter x 2 : 
•300hr Oil filter and Oil Change: 
•600hr Air filter: 
•600hr Replace Raw Water impellor: 
•600hr Injection timing:
•12.5hrs Labour @ $90,00 /hr Average (excl travel) 
•15 hour Flight Training – (Mandatory)
(Note: service fees, labour cost and spares prices and shipping, may vary from country to country, depending on where the hovercraft is based) 
The Fish Eagle Optional Extras:
•All Carbon Fibre Composite Hull 
•Cabin A/C 30 000 BTU, Engine Driven 
•LED Driving Lights, mast mounted 
•Garmin Doppler Radar 12′ screen, & carbon radar light mast
•STEYR Engine interface diagnostic cable
•Skirt: Heat bonded life extension patches 
•Handheld hot air skirt welder kit
•Forward Roof hatch
•Boarding Ladder 

Keeping you afloat

Mr Hovercraft’s Service Package can include a tailor-made hovercraft maintenance plan, and a craft recovery and repair service so you can hover without any drag. The cost of this package will vary greatly depending on the location of the craft. So if you are stuck somewhere, far away – in the middle of that unexplored river, hundreds of km from a road, then recovery costs could be quite hefty. Comprehensive Marine insurance is available for your hovercraft and your – hefty exploration needs.